Ordering Cookies

We have been receiving many last minute requests for cookies recently. Since we are now heavily booked until the end of August with minimal slots available during June and July I though it might be a good idea to chat about the essentials when you are filling in the contact form to order cookies.

We try our best to accommodate short lead times but without wanting to take away all the magic surrounding iced cookies, they do take a good deal of  time to create.

If you can give us weeks or months of notice we are more likely to be able to fit your order in. Please don’t forget to tell us the date of your event so we can let you know as soon as possible if we have any availability.

We always sketch out each custom order but if you have images that you would like us to work from it really helps us to quote effectively as we can see the number of colours/complexity involved in the design you want.

If you have a limited budget, let us know what your budget is and we can let you know what we can create within that. Handmade decorated cookies are a treat and a thing of beauty. They take time and skill to produce for your special event so that is reflected in the pricing.

Since every order is customised to the client’s requirements we do not hold ‘spare cookies’.

Finally orders are confirmed only when full payment is received.

The cookies in the picture were in fact a last minute order where the client gave me full artistic freedom to create racehorses, so the final suggestion for ordering cookies is you can just leave it to us if you are not quite sure what your final vision is.

Hope that helps a little when you are trying to negotiate ordering cookies.

Happy Days All!


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