Baby Shower Cookies

Spring! That means newborns, chocolate and rain, not necessarily in that order. In our house it has been a fair amount of the latter two over the last couple of weeks but who doesn’t love a newborn baby (those snuggles!) Even though I married an American I never had a baby shower during my pregnancies but they definitely seem to be becoming ‘a thing’ right here in London. I have to say making cookies for mums-to-be or parents of new babies is a complete joy and thankfully does not entail any sleepless nights on my part!

Happy Spring Days all!



  1. Kris C says:

    Super sweet cookies! I love all the subtle background patterns. I had no idea baby showers were not as popular in the UK. Here in the US we have huge pregnancy announcements with photo shoots, gender reveal parties, and then of course baby showers and usually more than one hosted by family and friends.

    1. Anjum says:

      Thank you so much Kris :). I haven’t heard of photo shoots or gender reveals here yet..but hopefully they happen soon so I’ll get to try making gender reveal cookies!

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