Corporate Cookies-Oval is the new round

This month I’ve discovered a fabulous new geometric for corporate cookies. Circles are just so round. The problem is you put a logo on the centre and everywhere is deadspace. However, get yourself an elegant oval and that logo is just popping.

The cookies above were made as part of the launch of the New Orleans nail colours by the very gorgeous O.P.I , hence a big Mardi Gras theme.

I also used ovals when a customer requested superhero logo party favours for her son’s first birthday party. Originally she suggested circles but the ovals worked really well forSuperhero logos most of the logos. (You CAN’T mess with Captain America’s circular shield though 😉 )

Happy Super Oval Day (Oh I mean Happy Mother’s Day of course U.Kers!)


  1. Great idea! And they look so smart with the gold stencilled background.

  2. Anjum says:

    Thanks Lucy.. it’s important to have that lustre 😉

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