Thank You Cookies

The very nicest thing about my business is the design element and nowhere am I more able to cut loose and play fast than when I am making something personalized for someone I have got to know.

There is a Very long backstory to this particular story which has been drip feeding stress into our lives for months now. I do not want to ever, ever move house again is all I will say on the subject. Anyway, back to cookies and a brilliant surveyor who came into our lives and helped us get to where we set out to, all those months ago.

I was beyond grateful for someone who was professional and willing to take control of a very silly situation. I knew instantly thank you cookies were going to be required. Frankly it was a bit hard to think of something cool/fun relating to surveyors (sorry!) but I noticed that our surveyor rode a yellow motorbike.

Job done. I had it. He came smashing through a (party) wall (agreement) to save the day and I really enjoyed making it into a cool cookie.

Thank you wonderful Darryl for restoring our faith in moving house! (though I still never want to do it ever, ever)

Happy days all!



  1. Wow! What an amazing cookies! Incredible!

  2. Anjum says:

    Thank you Lucy. It’s one of very few cookies when I didn’t finish it and immediately think “oh but I could/should have done something a little bit differently”!

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