Superhero Cookies

This year has been an interesting and exciting one for Eat Cookie, Sleep Cookie. I have had the great pleasure of working on some fascinating projects with some absolutely brilliant companies. My personal highlights including cookies commissioned for a television (sadly I myself  have a face designed for radio), Twitter cookies for the U.K general election and my very latest project which I’m afraid I can’t roll out just yet but was amazing and I was super proud of the results.

However the downside is, because I don’t have superpowers, even with a schedule that has involved working most weekends since June, I just can’t fit any more custom cookie orders in for the remainder of 2015.

So deepest apologies if you are not going to get your hands on a customized cookie this side of Christmas. No need for total panic though as I’ll still be supplying the lovely Villandry with seasonally themed treats to tide you over.

I promise I’ll spend any free time (what is this free time thing??) I have working on increasing my superpowers/making the day 27 hours long. In the meantime some real superheroes, on cookies obvs, for you to enjoy.

Happy, busy days all!

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