Wedding Cookies

We made it! It’s Mr Cookie and my 10 year wedding anniversary today so I thought it was apt to share some sweet wedding favours.

Here is a picture of what 10 years of marriage does to you (taken by our youngest daughter, hence ‘arty’ camera angle)…in case of any confusion,  he is Karl Lagerfeld to my Andy Warhol.

Me and Karl

How do I know it’s true love? Because I cannot unwrap cling film (dispenser or no dispenser!) and my heroic husband is the one who patiently fixes and re fixes it for me. My contribution is bypassing expensive gifts and using my blog post in lieu of a present. What selfless acts does your better half do?

Happy days all!


  1. Ha ha ha – love that photo of you both! Congratulations!! I’m already looking forward to your 20th anniversary blog post…

  2. Anjum says:

    Thank you Lucy 🙂

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