Graffiti Cookies

I am the worst gift giver I know. I tend to get into a last minute present buying panic and it shows. I am simply unable to shop for anyone over the age of eighteen (I’m pretty comfortable with my inner child so presents for little ones are a doodle!)

Perhaps it’s tied up with my own notions of what I would enjoy receiving. When a couple of friends were discussing how to give sneaky present guidance to their husbands they said ‘for goodness sake don’t let themtalk to Anj’ High praise indeed..I  believe it was something to do with my mention of wanting a skip as a birthday present.

So it was with trepidation I approached my 10th anniversary this year. If there is anyone who loves a good gift it’s Mr Cookie. However this year I outdid myself on the lousiness of my gift. I kept pondering, kept procrastinating so found myself picking up a cocktail shaker along with the weekly shop. When Mr Cookie opened it he noted the lid was actually missing (that explains why it was the last one in the shop!)

Of course Mr Cookie had bought me a beautiful scarf from the V and A Museum.  What else to do but make him some personalized  cookies for EcDeep (he is one of the DJs) ? and try harder next year, of course.

Happy days all.

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