Custom Cookies

Custom cookies? What is that exactly? I found it really difficult when I first started making cookies to sum it all up in an elevator pitch. ‘Well I er, make cookies er, but they are not ordinary cookies er..’ and so on and so on until eyes had glazed over, the person had not only left the elevator and the building but was probably looking for the next bus out of town. To be quite honest I still find it to pin down exactly what I do. I often use cookie artist as a starting point which I imagine has people sitting at their computer screens imagining me wearing velvet loon pants, a kaftan and some patchouli oil like a 1970’s art teacher.

The bad news is I still can’t really do that elevator pitch but I have met lots of lovely people who have looked past that and focussed on my cookies.

I really love being asked to create something original and something specific for a customer. I do some repeat designs but most of the designs are from scratch.

My favorite cookie order enquiry goes along the lines of..this might seem a little strange but can you cookie me xyz…

You want teddy bears for your son’s birthday wearing a Scunthorpe football kit, I can do that.Footballteam

You want what appears to be a very eclectic mix of designs for a television programme I can do that (see above) Comedian Joe Wilkinson on a ride on mower, hanging out with a lion etc, etc created for Celebrity Squares.

Living in London I’ve been looking at London prices and I’ve seen gingerbread men (with a few hastily squiggled details) selling at anything from £1.70 to £6 with no real design and not necessarily the nicest ingredients . My custom cookies usually start in price at £2.75  and you will be getting something not only fresh and delicious but unique and personal to your event.

If you can think it, there’s a good chance I can cookie it!

Happy days all!



  1. I love the phrase ‘elavator pitch’! My explanations are more along the lines of ‘M5 to Cornwall on a bank holiday pitch’ and still result in ‘so do you do wedding cakes?’

    …and wow! those cookies are amazing!

    1. Anjum says:

      Oh yes I often get asked about my (non-existent!) cakes 🙂

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