Mask Cookies At Villandry

This time last year my cookies were on the cover of a magazine and also featured inside over 4 pages so you can imagine that I was a bit wary that this March might be a tad underwhelming but so far so good!

silver masksMy cookies have been selling very well at Villandry, Great Portland Street, W1.   I had sold large seasonal items there for the last couple of years (i.e gingerbread houses!)  but now you can buy my designs year round. These mask cookies sold out very quickly, I’m hoping that the delicate Fabergé inspired Easter eggs I delivered on Monday (in March hail can you believe it!) are a hit too. As you can see my remit for Villandry is ‘pretty things’ which is my absolutely favourite type of cookie job so I’m thrilled to have found/been found by the perfect retailer for my cookies.

If you are in Central London don’t forget to pop in from time to time to check out my new designs 🙂

I have another exciting bit of March news that I’ve been trying not to blurt out over the last couple of weeks! I have also made cookies for a television show/celebrity this month which I’ll be revealing more about in a future post.

Hope you are all having a wonderful March too, happy days all!



  1. Uncle Cookie says:

    i hope it wasn’t jeremy clarkson

    1. Anjum says:

      Ha! Ha! no way!

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