Birthday Cookies

One of the reasons I have been so behind with my social media is my family ;). They will just keep having birthdays and colds and more birthdays and more colds  so I have been squeezing in some very specific birthday cookie orders from my girls in between all the other usual stuff.

Since my youngest is about to turn the big five there is, and can only be, one theme for her birthday party, duh! Frozen! So I made my one cake that I can make Elsa(smoosh a Barbie into a cake and you have a ‘cake dress’) and then focussed on what I really love to do..birthday cookies! My daughter wanted to keep the ones I made  above (gasp!she didn’t want to eat them) so we shellacked them to display in her bedroom and I made these cute spring coloured cookie pops of Olaf for the party guests. (I know, I know I should have made them all the same colour to avoid party favour meltdown) Unfortunately I forgot to photograph them with the ribbons attached but they do look cute none the less (well the five year olds thought so…)In Summer

I’m going to do my best to think pretty Spring thoughts and banish all those boring colds and coughs..Happy days all!



  1. These look great – I love the way you’ve combined them with the chalkboard backgrounds 🙂

    1. Anjum says:

      Thanks Lucy I was looking for a way to make doing Frozen cookies for the eleventhbillionth time fresh and interesting!

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