Pop Art Cookies

This was another 40th set I did in January (I actually worked on it over my birthday because I was so excited to do it) and I was really happy with how it turned out. I had full creative freedom, yipee so I decided to present the cookies in a different way. Cookies are totally fantastic but they do sometimes lack the 3d impact of a cake so a great way to create a real centerpiece for the table was to create a cookie tower.


I absolutely love Pamoda’s work. She uses lots of textures and adds a feminine touch to everything she creates over at Sugar Pearls Cakes And Bakes. She wrote a terrific tutorial on creating a cookie tower for the brilliant  Cookie Connection 

My remit was to create an icons of the last 40 years theme to celebrate a 40th birthday. As you can see gold hot pants (Kylie still attached) , Lady Di, Karl Lagerfeld and the Iron Lady herself all made an appearance. I was including modern art..Damien Hirst’s skull, Andy Warhol’s banana and soup popartcan so I went for pop art cookies  so my rendering is not supposed to be pretty and delicate like Pamoda’s but the recipients (it was a joint 40th birthday) were thrilled with the results.

I’m looking forward to trying this technique again. Thank you Pamoda!



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