Hand painted Cookies

I can be a really effective procrastinator. I have started a fortnightly drawing class and my assignment was looming so I decided it would be a good idea to make a cookie for a just for fun cookie challenge before doing my homework. (That makes sense right??!!)

Hand painted cookies are also a particularly time consuming way to decorate a cookie so procrastination wise you are definitely on to a superwinner.

The cookie design may seem a bit unusual because Cookie Connection‘s challenge was to create something architectural.

Well I have a dirty little secret. I am mad about Pinterest and I actually have a board dedicated to ‘Doors’ so when I saw the challenge I couldn’t resist it. I went to my boards and something very strange was going on. I only had a handful of doors on my board. How could this be? I distinctly remembered pinning great swathes of them. I found them. Pinned under ‘Good Times’. No wonder my children think I’m weird.

So if you ever want to cookie a door feel free to head over to my ‘Good Times’ board and knock yourself out.

Happy days all!

blue door


  1. Lucy Samuels says:

    LOL – I love it! This post is a superwinner procrastination-wise for me as I’m supposed to be, erm… decorating some cookies! 🙂

  2. Anjum says:

    Er…… I have so many wonderful procrastinating techniques Lucy I am always so happy to share them!

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