Alice In Wonderland 40th Birthday Cookies

I think I’ve mentioned a billion times before I am not a lover of January. It’s cold and packed with all those jobs you thought in December were a good idea to put off till the new year but now transpires it wasn’t.


However there are some bright spots in there. Birthdays! Our family loves a party even if  does involve screaming eight year old girls. It seems that January doesn’t just host my eldest daughter’s birthday and mine so it was a busy month for birthday cookies. These ones brought a smile to everyone’s face from the four year olds (I tried not to make the Queen of Hearts too terrifying!) to the forty and counting.

So what did I do for my own birthday?  My youngest daughter asked me what my birthday theme was going to be (she has already, inevitably chosen ‘Frozen’ for later this year) I went with ‘work’ in the end. I had a luxurious day of working on another set of 40th birthday cookies while Mr Cookie dealt with school runs/homework and tantrums and I enjoyed every minute of it. That’s how I know I have a cooker’s heart 🙂

Happy days all! There is nothing sweeter than doing what you love and I’m really glad it’s February!



  1. Lucy Samuels says:

    These are lovely – one of my favourite themes!

  2. Anjum says:

    Thanks Lucy, I loved making them 🙂

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