Here Comes 2015

You may remember I went to this little thing last year in Salt Lake City where, oh there were only over 400 cookie artists from all over the world. Oh yes folks I was luckily enough to attend Cookie Con where I met the best of the best of the best and (squeal!) got an awful lot of lovely freebies. Auntie Betsy was my partner in crime and since she was over from Cape Cod at Christmas she brought over her loot bag as she hadn’t quite got round to using all her lovely new cutters ;).

Well most (normal) people probably spend Boxing Day playing charades but we like to do everything a little bit differently around here. We settled on”Guessing the Cutter” with one of the items she brought.



We definitely struggled. My dad had a lightbulb moment when he guessed….it was a cutter. Oh dear Dad. Betsy and I pored over Jasper Johns Map (we have an enormous print in our living room) to work out which State(?!!) it was and Mr Cookie went for chess piece.


In the end we called in the cookie cavalry. Even though everyone was busy celebrating the holidays  my cookie friends across the word joined in online for “Name that Cutter” so of course having a little bit of dough left post Christmas orders I had to actually try it out.

Well the spoiler is in the main picture but if like me you are not that knowledgeable regarding all things oil related. It is, drumroll, a pump jack. So thank you very much indeed lovely Heather who runs TwinsPlusOneGoodies , sweetie Nicole from the brilliantly named Life’sABatch , world famous Calleye who is Sweet Sugarbelle  (several people helping us remembered her previous  posts about this cutter) and all my game cookie friends who took a guess. We also got grand piano, Easter Island statue and antique cash register. It would have been fun to try all those brilliant ideas but I decided to pretty up a pumpjack adding some some polka dots and edible butterflies and sequins.

If you fancy trying your hand at a pump jack cookie it is made by A S M Cutters and Things

So there you have it my first, rather unusual, cookie for 2015.

Happy New Year all!



  1. Mona says:

    Being from “oil country” in Alberta, Canada ….. having my son and son-in-law out in the oil field, that’s an AMAZING cookie!!!!! How very, VERY creative!!!

    1. Anjum says:

      Thank you so, so much for your lovely comment Mona. Who would have imagined a (London) city girl like me would end up cookie-ing a pump jack?! I couldn’t resist trying out the cutter once I discovered what it was for. I hope your son and son in law enjoy seeing it too, even if it is a bit prettied up 🙂

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