Diary Of A Decorated Cookie

I never seem to be able to get to the bottom of  the thorny question I most often get asked. How long exactly does it take you to ice a decorated cookie? Since only me, myself and I make up the production line it means that the steps involved can’t be carried out concurrently. I never create cookies straight through from dough to icing in one fell swoop because there are many stages where some waiting time is involved so it’s impossible very, very hard to tally up the exact hours involved but I thought you might be interested to see how the process actually comes together.

Day 1

Customer places order for NYC taxi cab cookies.

Start to think about designs.

Customer sends a few visuals. Not that keen on the choice of generic car cutters available so decide to make my own template to work from.

Days 2-6

Mulling over final design while completing other orders.

Day 7

Make several sketches playing around with design. Am I going for whimsical or realistic? Decide on realistic. The NYC cabs have changed over the years, there is no longer the checkered side design but I think it’s so  iconic I plan to include  it somehow in my design.

taxi sketch

final design








Day 8

Trace my sketch to make a plastic template to handcut my cookies.

Day 9

Make dough.

Roll dough.

Chill dough.

Use template to hand cut cookies.


chill shapes,minimizes spread


microplane taxis

use microplane for perfect edges










Leave to cool then store in an airtight container. Make icing and mix up the colours I want to use.





Day 10

Icing the body, wheels and windows of the cabs the next day minimizes butter bleed (my cookies contain a lot of butter, which is delicious, but it can bleed into the icing and make it look blotchy if I ice them the same day I bake)

yellow base taxis

Leave to dry for several hours then pipe on extra details.wheels taxis






Day 11

Add painted details including silver accents, wording and city reflection in cab windows.

taxi angle

Leave to dry.






Day 12

Package cookies in lots of bubble wrap with and deliver to customer.

1 week Later

Customer sends a email with a photo of the leaving do table (her friends are relocating to NYC). The cookies are a complete hit !


(cupcakes supplied by customer)

Does that all sound  verya bit long winded? Well of course there can be shortcuts. Plenty of big companies making repeat designs have their biscuits in stock in a factory for months on end so they can churn out next day orders. Since I  want to make something very individual and bespoke I like at least two weeks notice so I can put plenty of thought  into it. I really want to create a wow factor for my customers’ events and I love the cookies to taste  freshly baked.

So sadly I can’t send you a cookie for tomorrow but if you give me a little notice I can send you something really special that’s freshly made and tailored to your very particular request.

Happy days all!




  1. Kathy says:

    Love your NYC taxi cookies. Thanks for showing us how you made them.

    1. Anjum says:

      Thank you so much Kathleen 🙂

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