New Year, New Resolutions

‘N’ for New Year. I know you what you are thinking folks the everyday chaos of  life with children and a business has now tipped over into insanity but bear with me. Mr Cookie and I (many moons ago pre children) would spend January repenting our Christmas excesses by cutting out alcohol, cheese, sugar and coffee. (This kind of madness I’m sure is what propels people to the divorce courts in droves at this time of year as it makes everyone  so ridiculously bad-tempered!)

Well these days I’m as likely to give up coffee as I am to give up one of my legs (not very likely) and alcohol only occasionally crops up in my social life. Plus who wants to spend dark Winter days self flagellating. No I think September should be the new January (you know how forty four is the new twenty one? oh you’re not buying that one either) It’s not pitch black at 4p.m yet, in fact this September the weather has been glorious in London. It’s been a busy Summer with the family and then everyone is back at school and work so the ideal time to get organized and get experimenting with new things.

I finally got my airbrush out of it’s box and started experimenting. Now I want to ‘tag’ trains (joke London Transport!) and practice spinning on my head (you’ll only get this if you you are as elderly as me)

I’ve also created a delicious new cookie flavor for you to enjoy. It’s based on my mother-in-law Nancy’s top secret brownie recipe.

I bring you the chocolate brownie cookie!

Happy ‘New Year’ to you all!

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