Creating Creativity

Where does creativity come from?

People talk about including creativity in everyday actions such as arranging a bowl of fruit artistically but in our house it would be more the Tracy Emin school of fruit art with overripe bananas and suspicious patches on apples turned to the base of the bowl.

There are lots of heartwarming stories of finding artistic expression and freedom in your eighties but to be honest I’m an impatient person who’d quite like to get there a little sooner.

With any creative field practice counts for a lot. Try practicing drawing the same thing for 40 days in a row (exception:hands-see cookie above!) and you would be hard pushed to get worse at it.

There is nothing like following exercises/projects to help stretch you to where you thought your limits were. No one really enjoys ‘failing’ but there are invaluable lessons to be learnt along the way. I made this particular cookie for a Cookie Connection challenge #justforfun and I learnt the invaluable lesson that hands are incredibly hard to sketch and verging on impossible to pipe ;).

The challenge was to create a single or group of cookies based on this image from Pinterest.







I decided to focus on the woman who the bathroom belongs to. In fact I then in turn used her as a character for a short story for my creative writing group which was incredibly satisfying even if it was hardly the literary feat of the century.

Really what I’m saying is I’ve realized creativity needs to be nurtured  and practised rather than waiting for a sudden amazing thunderbolt of an idea and the best way to do achieve that is to find creative buddies and fun challenges to gain (hopefully!) gentle feedback and support.

Wishing you a wonderfully happy and creative day.






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