The Cookie Cutter Wardrobe

Contrary to popular opinion Mr Cookie and I believe that there should be secrets within marriage. It is essential to retain some mystery regarding the actual number of cookie cutters I own and the twitch in my left eye would probably return if I had a full inventory of Mr Cookie’s record collection.

Like most collections though some of these cutters have earned their keep more than others. Having been up very early packaging cookies destined for a wedding in Spain I felt the opposite of vital for my busy day ahead. However I put on a ‘go to’ skirt with a statement necklace and I felt sort of human again. I have many skirts in my wardrobe but just about everything works with this one. The colour, the style and of course the comfort. It seems to pull it out of the bag every time.

If you have had any interest in icing your own cookies you may already be stockpiling cutters in a secret cupboard somewhere so I thought I would share some cutters that do the same as my ‘works every time’ skirt.

You don’t have to spend big bucks on cutters. I have used the cutter above that I bought from Karen’sCookies amazing plaque selection for many other designs. (here’s just one other example) and it was less than $3. They have all manner of cute cutters but plaques allow me more creative freedom so I have become a little obsessed with those. In fact if you check out the other plaque cutters in the link, you will definitely recognize those shapes in a lot of my cookie sets.

Kite studios






The only problem with cheaper metal cutters is they do bend (especially when you are trying jam a lot of them into a draw) You need stainless steel for perfect circles, ovals etc. I use Ateco cutters for standard shapes and I use them a lot! If you need a little more excitement in your life you can go for the crimped versions.

Plastic is also fantastic. Just watch you don’t wash them in very hot water or you may inadvertently create a ‘new’ cutter.

Sadly this post doesn’t mean that I will be streamlining my own cutter collection. Just think of me in a parenty as I say not as I do 😉

I’d love to know what are your ‘workhorse’ cutters if you would like to post in comments.

Happy days all!




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