I’ve got your back..

20140112_082705Asking someone for help for the last 43 out of 44 years of my life has been an option as palatable as swallowing cod liver oil. It just wasn’t my thing. There are definitely two sorts of people in my book..those who ask for help and those who don’t. I have gawped in wonder watching experts in the former persuade other people to complete all sorts of incredibly boring/difficult tasks on their behalf. Me.. I was the mad woman with the two tonne pram who would end up in starfish underneath it rather than elicit a stranger’s help with the conundrum that is stairs/no lift in all London’s stations bar about five..



Now I have daughters I am starting to wonder if there is a third way. Do they really have to be so stubborn (like me) to refuse all offers of assistance? Doesn’t it make sense that sometimes other people are such experts in their field that we can learn so much from their insights?



20140120_161149Of course as you may have guessed I am having another thinly disguised conversation about cookies. Since I joined the worldwide ‘cookie community I have met a whole bunch of talented artists and bakers each with individual styles and specialities who despite their hectic lives are always happy to help. I was lucky enough recently to be able to summon up the superpowers of the gorgeous and talented Rebekah Kuhn Shaw who is a colour maestro¬†and all round good egg to help me create a custom colour for a very special order. If you are a burgeoning cookie or cake artist her advice is unmissable and if you simply love great designs and colour her work will be a joy to behold..knock yourselves out.¬†Happy days all!










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