Be Nice To Your Husband..


You are probably wondering if this is some sort of belated Valentine’s post. Not quite. Recently I have had a few enquiries regarding the business side of cookies as opposed to the creation of them. I was also interviewed by the lovely Lucy Purdy for Ealing In London magazine as part of a feature on up and coming creative businesses. Then last night I was woken by my preschooler’s cries in the midst  of one of those dreams where I was going to receive the answer to life, the universe and everything..a passerby was asking me where I hoped my business would be in five years time. So inevitably I missed finding out what my deepest subconscious felt about the whole thing but in the cold light of day the only answer that seems to make sense is ‘hopefully still here’.

So I’m going to talk about some of the things I try to do to get me to that point. In no particular order of importance..

Be strong. It would be impossible not to experience setbacks along the way. Just keep going.IMG_2229






Be lucky. Everyone has a piece of good luck along the way. Grab the opportunity and prove just how good you are.








Take control. You will have to make decisions quickly sometimes without all the information you’d like. You’ll get stuff wrong. Move on.








Look the part..if you are meeting clients face to face you need to look presentable.








IMG_2213Forget about life/work balance for a while. You’re probably going to have to drop off the social radar for a while..having it all is not always possible. A business is on your mind seven days a week and there is always something you can be working on.




And what was the ‘be nice to your husband’ bit all about. Mr Cookie is  very close friends with one of the owners of the fabulous swimwear company Beach Cafe so I decided to pick her brains for some business tips. At first she said listen to other people’s advice. However her husband is a restauranteur and is used to getting a lot of advice about how to run his businesses. Most people feel they can run a food business, after all they eat all the time but perhaps with a swimwear business the advice is more carefully thought out. So Emma reconsidered that advice and very wisely suggests making sure you appreciate the people who support, friends and customers.

I would simply add never stop learning and hold onto your huge passion for your product. It is fun And essential to keep developing your creative and business skills.

Wishing you great days all!


  1. C. Bottomley says:

    A very cool post – keep it up!

    1. Anjum says:

      Thank you for your lovely comment.x

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