Tuesday Bluesday

Mr Cookie coined this particular phrase in our household. Most of us seem to be able ride over the hump of Monday on the crest of the weekend’s fun but come Tuesday it’s all over and suddenly the next weekend seems a long way off indeed.

However today is definitely not one of those Tuesdays. It’s back to school and nursery and routine. I’m not going to pretend that we’re all about ‘off the cuff’ and ‘freewheeling’ here. The girls have had enough of that over the last couple of weeks and are ready for a reality check.

Rather than rested and reinvigorated Mr Cookie and I are hollow eyed from constant hoovering/emptying the dishwasher a gazillion times a day and  finding lego stuck in our feet. The days before children, eh.

So it’s joy and jubilations to start work again and the only blue note today is the baby blue ‘It’s a boy’ cookies..unless of course the sight of then sends you into a New Year No Carbs rage. In which case I am so sorry but I’d like to wish you all a completely fabulous 2014!





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