The Pink Stuff..

We’re not the mushiest of families. If I presented Mr Cookie with a Valentine’s gift he would probably keel over with shock or narrow his eyes in suspicion.

So I’m sure their are going to be a few of you out there reading this thinking ‘Valentine’s cookies! Pah I’ve just spent two weeks over Christmas gritting my teeth through spending time with my extended family and now I am going to be zapped from every direction by pinkness, And to top it all I’m incandescent with January no-carb rage!’

Well actually I have already spent a big chunk of time leading up to Christmas working with pink as I was commissioned to create gingerbread men for the guests of the W Hotel, Leicester Square.

2014-01-11 09.52.56

Unfortunately as often happens when work is at full speed taking pictures was not a priority but you get the idea..





2014-01-11 09.54.4320131124_084624






So I was a little nervous pink and I might well be done for a while but you know what, a few things happened to bring me back to pink. Over Christmas we got two gorgeous puppies courtesy of Auntie ┬áBetsy and our darling friend the artist Barbara Gibson. The puppies were all the more gorgeous for not being real. Right now two small girls , a husband and a business are plenty enough to juggle. The little doggies came in their own adorable ‘handbags’.Then lo and behold my secret Santa from my gorgeous group of girlfriends (thank you!thank you! dear friend, you’re wonderfully generous) sent me ‘the’ bag cutter.

I already own a selection of handbag cookie cutters but I’d had a seed of an idea for Ages and none of them really fitted the bill.

Then of course Valentine’s Day is looming so I put all three together and came up with these. Which little (or big) girl wouldn’t love these.



Happy pink filled days all!


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