Belinda’s Cookies..

I recently did a post about how long it takes to ice a cookie..Well these ones ‘took the biscuit’ (Stand-Up is definitely a possible career alternative for me) Folks..these cookies took a whole year.

Belinda has been an amazing champion of my cookies..She has been there to give me a lovely thumbs up for every cookie I’ve posted on Facebook since day one and generally been a superstar sweetie even though she has three small daughters (including twins, people, twins!) and a wonderful blog on the go.This is the smallest of gestures to show the biggest of thank yous for this year of support. It all took a bit longer than anticipated but I really hope her gorgeous daughters enjoyed them.

Happy days all!



  1. Oh Anjum, you are so kind, really! Well, I can tell you that the girls ADORED the biscuits, and ate every last morsel of all of them. D was the envy of the other children in the playground as she munched on the fox biscuit one day after school, and one of the mum’s was shocked to think that I had made them. I laughed. And then laughed some more. And then told her who was really behind them, so your cookies have been greatly admired by young and, umm, not so young. Can you believe my littlest girls are now about to turn 3 years old?! How time flies. And how much easier (in some ways) it all gets. Thankfully!

    Anyway, thank you for your really kind and charming blog post, and I’m so pleased to see all your beautiful cookies come up on my news feed – they make me ooh and aaah and smile. Even DH, too, and he is a TOUGH crowd! xxx

  2. Anjum says:

    Lovely to hear the girls enjoyed the cookies and wow it seems completely impossible that the littlest ones are on their way to the big 3 :).
    Thank you for such sweet comments regarding my cookies.I love making them so much I hope some of that joy gets passed on.
    I may have to steal your line as my tagline..’cookies for the young and umm,not so young’!
    You’ve been so kind and constant in your support,very,very much appreciated!xxx

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