A Glimmer Of Glamour..

Thanks to modern cookery programmes I’m sure when I tell people what I do they have images of me wearing a floral apron with immaculate and bouncy hair, and perhaps a lot of fingerlicking.

I find it  quite easy to create unrealistic ideas of other peoples jobs. Like George Costanza in ‘Seinfeld’ who enjoyed creating the alter ego ‘Art Vandelay’ with a cool sounding job (an architect)  I personally thought being a lawyer looked amazing after seeing the gorgeous Julianna Margulies portray one in ‘The Good Wife’ . Basically she spends her day looking stunning..oh yes and striding through corridors beautifully and winning pretty much every case. How would I not want that? Especially since cookie making involves more mess than you can imagine, an awful lot of clean up and not very much sleep at all.

However what an upside for cookiers! You do get to play a lot..sometimes even creating a glimmer of  glamour  here and there.

Thanks to Tunde’s Creations for sharing her wonderful Hungarian heritage in her lovely gingerbread book ..I was inspired to try making my own gingerbread candle holders and box designs shown here…



Happy glamour filled days all!





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