The Cookie Conundrum.

How long do you think it takes to ice a cookie?..In fact how long do I think it takes to ice a cookie?

I’m going to let you in on a little secret..I have absolutely no idea.
It’s a question I constantly get asked and I keep trying to measure it but it’s actually very,very tricky to pin it down to a round number.
How hard can that be I hear you ask? Well here’s the thing.
You make the dough. You chill the dough. You roll the dough. You chill the dough. You cut the dough. You chill the dough (are you still with me?..)
You bake the cookies. You let them cool. You put the cookies to one side.
You make the icing. You divide the icing up and colour it. You create two types of icing the flood along with the piping consistency and divide them up into bottles and bags with tips respectively (a looong process)
Oh and did I mention black and red icings require extra developing time..
So, so far there you can see there is also a lot of ‘inbetween time’ after each intensive stage.
Are you ready to ice..well hopefully you have planned out/sketched your designs (otherwise it would have been hard to figure out the colours to mix) Occasionally I start off with a plan and then I go wildly ‘off-piste’ but often there are weeks of thought leading up to a particular idea taking cookie form.
There are various ways to decorate your cookies. You can outline and flood as I’ve talked about in the tutorials creating simpler designs such as this..

Or you can go to town with some fine detailed overicing and brush embroidery techniques..
You can stencil cookies which turned out to much harder than I anticipated (top cookie stencilled)
So much easier just to stencil onto a flat work surface!..
Finally you can bring out the big guns and paint your base iced cookie..
So I would say icing time alone  (excluding the planning and preparation of cookies and icing) runs from 15 minutes per cookie and up with handpainted cookies probably taking the prize for most time consuming to execute but lovely to do.
If anyone has a better/clearer answer to this particular cookie conundrum, I’d love to hear it.
In the meantime if you’d like to join a cookie icing workshop (that doesn’t involve any of the inbetween bits) don’t forget to sign up for one of our workshops (details in ‘about’ on our Facebook page )
Happy days all!

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