Monsieur Bad*ss

I absolutely loooove florals. I find myself returning to them continually as a cookie theme.If I’m pushed about my favourite colour I’ll ‘hilariously’ float pattern as my answer. Unfortunately at just under 5 foot and very much the wrong side of forty I really can’t wear flower prints..they just don’t love me back. I’m pretty sure I end up looking like I stepped off the set of  ‘Whatever Happened To Baby Jane’

Unfortunately I have limited success with real life flora too. I’m a hardened Londoner so inevitably it will be a stretch for me to differentiate between a tree and a flower let alone identify each species.

The first plant I had total responsibility for was tellingly affectionately nicknamed ‘stick plant’.

Now only Monsieur Bad*ss remains. My six year old assures me he is an umbrella plant. Named after this guy ..well that’s what we tagged the character after he got run over then shot and still managed to kick *ss. Similarly our plant spends much of the time skipping drinks and being pulled about by an excitable toddler yet lives to fight another day.

Of course the real deal are gorgeous but floral cookies are one up on them because you don’t have to find/wash out vases and a week down the line you are not dealing with slimy green water. Result!

Happy flowery days all!


  1. Anne-Marie says:

    Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!

  2. You really are so lovely Annie,thank you 🙂

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