Living In The Moment…

Playing with Christmas ideas..back in July!!

What does that mean anyway?

Apparently children are experts at the whole thing..clearly the person who came up with that one never endured car journeys with a six and three year old that contained the phrase ‘are we nearly there yet’ 6 million times or has never thought better of this as a concept when their toddler is questioning loudly on the bus in the spirit of ‘living in the moment’ why that lady has a beard..

Admittedly the fact our girls always have one eye on the future is not unexpected since both Mr Cookie and I struggle with ‘being mindful’. Every day seems to be planned ahead with military precision since the advent of children so it was high time to kick back  when we got to the States this Summer.

We started our trip in beautiful Cape Cod..

where I was delighted to discover Dunkin Donuts make a chocolate/coconut donut..why did I not know this?

Later that day I found myself hiding from my family behind the rent-a-car with a plain cookie, food colouring and a paintbrush to make my first ‘cookie painting’ attempt.

It was so fun to do so of course I soon started to wish I’d brought about 100 more cookies with me so I could carry on hiding from my family painting cookies. I realised that not everyone else would be on board with that or the fact that I was pretending to be on holiday while sneaking off to ogle cookies online every five minutes so I decided to try a little time ‘off the grid’.

By the time we got to Vermont there was no easy access to WiFi so the perfect opportunity to think about ‘non cookie’ things like watching the girls fish off the dock..

Eating lots of amazing food..


Vermont sweetcorn is as sweet as the maple syrup!
Loved by bikers..and Man Vs Food!
Amazing ribs!
We’ll definitely be back next year

Amazing French bread..

Yes..this local family who sell this at the farmers’ market imported a genuine stone oven from Italy!

The beautiful local church..

And a trip to nearby Saragota..

We visited the famous racecourse
And beautiful dance museum..

In fact I managed a whole two weeks of being offline but I do have to admit  I have probably sketched the next ten years of cookie designs..

However if you are looking to calm your racing brain down just a notch you could do a lot worse than beautiful Vermont or as my father-in-law calls the view from the deck..Monet in motion..

Now please excuse me while I go and test out another Christmas gingerbread recipe whilst I think about what to rustle up for dinner..

Happy, happy days all!

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