The Interlude Before The Tutorials Begin..

Yes I am well aware that this blog post title sounds embarrassingly like a Frasier episode title.

I have been busy preparing a great tutorial for you this week but since contacting Lovely Marlene from this deliciously named blog a few weeks ago I have been agonizing a little to much over every shot whilst a Yoda voice in my ear has kept reminding me to ‘think of the composition’..though of course this particular Yoda would be very fetchingly dressed in a Chanel jacket and have a slight Kiwi twang..

I needed some photography tips and Marlene seemed like the lady to turn to after I have been enjoying her photos and chat over at CHOCOLATE cookies and candies for some time. This was proved right when she won a blogging award for her photography last week!Yay!

So basically I’m trying to blame Marlene for the fact that I have single handedly started  ‘The Slow Blogging Movement’ 😉 as you have been waiting patiently for the tutorial..

In the meantime I hope you’ve had time to order all the kit you’ll need and are raring to go with your designs.

I think you’ll love the tutorial.

My photos are a work in progress of course but in the meantime you can enjoy Marlene’s spin on things

Happy July 4th all!


  1. Thank you so much, A! You’re too kind. All I did was give a few tips. Thank you again for the lovely cookies, bottles etc. Much appreciated.

  2. Hi’re very welcome! They may seem like simple tips to (expert!) you but they have really given me food for thought.
    I love the tip to ‘stand on a chair and shoot down’..I am always getting busted for standing on chairs to reach things, as I am so short, by Mr Cookie (a very bad example to my daughters) I can say ‘the lady in the Chanel jacket told me to do it!’ 😉

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