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Recently I tried my hand at writing tutorials again. It was so labour intensive it made me reflect on the sheer loveliness of the cookie bloggers who do this on a regular basis and pass on their wealth of knowledge so freely.

If you check out my Facebook page you’ll find that there are a whole batch (ged it!) of cookie artists whose work inspires me and drives me to keep improving my efforts. It’s very early days for me in cookie terms..many of these artists have been mastering their craft for many years but they are such a supersweet bunch (like their cookies)..In the last two weeks I have had a crazy and wonderful seventy new likes on my slightly sleepy Facebook page when lovely Laura found me.

A lot of these artists are not actually operating businesses but are building a vast community of cookie love.

I’ve already mentioned Bridget at Bake at 350 who created the sinfully good chocolate Nutella cookie and it’s common knowledge I’ve been smitten by Jill at FCS’s work ever since I discovered it.

One of the things I have really loved doing over the last few months participating in LilaLoa’s challenges when I can. In fact the birthday cookies above tied in very nicely with the last one. Thanks for keeping me on my toes Georgeanne!

Finally the big cheese herself..Sweet Sugarbelle She has the answer to every cookie question you’ve ever wanted to ask.

So hide from your children for a couple of hours (what am I the only one who does this?..) and feast your eyes. You’ll definitely be inspired to roll up your sleeves and bake!

Happy days all!


  1. Love the elephants! I came across Sweet Sugarbelle a while ago when trying to work out how to ice my nautical cookies, and was scrolling through her blog for about two hours…

    1. Thanks Jo..Sugarbelle is the bee’s knees/cat’s pajamas when it comes to cookie could spend 2 days on her site and barely scratch the surface..the other blogs are definitely worth a look too when you have a moment in between running two businesses/raising two children and looking fabulous..;)

  2. Anne-Marie says:

    Wow! Just saw these (emails going into another folder!)

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