D.I.Y Wedding Favours..Part 4..Whistles and Bells

I’m not really one for natural, pared down simplicity..well seeing as I used neon pink for these cookies you can see I’m not really shy to take my cookies to the next level.

Here are some ideas to make your wedding favours even more exciting..

Pipe each guest’s name on to each cookie to make individual place settings.

With detailed piping use the thicker piping icing and go closer to the cookie than you would with your ‘flood’ icing but still without touching the cookie.

Here is a video tutorial for fine piping that I did on You Tube.

I made the heart cookies in various sizes using a variety of shades.

I stacked the various sizes to make a ‘cake’ cookie and the mini cookies made darling cookie confetti..

I threaded ribbon through the cookies with holes to make a ‘cookie tree’

I also appropriated my six year olds idea of an ombre cookie..

And even my toddler managed to get to grips with putting cookies onto flat lolly sticks..

This is how I do it

Very effective result..

What ideas do you have to ‘pimp’ your wedding favours? I’d love to know.

Happy (creative) days all!

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