D.I.Y Wedding Cookie Favours..Part 3..The Fun Bit

Now that you have got your icing consistencies all figured out we can get to the decorating..I hope you’ve been having a blast so far but this is definitely the best part!

So grab a cookie and let’s do it..

Make a border with the piping icing. Do not touch the cookie with the tip..hold it above the cookie so the icing falls into position and don’t leave any gaps. You can take the line closer to the edge but I left space on purpose for extra details.

Squeeze the ‘flooding’ icing into the middle and push to the edges with a toothpick.

Then use a different colour of flood icing to pipe dots onto the still wet base colour..

I like my flood fairly thick as you can see

And there you have it simple but gorgeous wedding favours..

Work fast enough and everything blends flat

If your consistencies were right it really will be child’s play as my six year old demonstrates here..

I made a little video to show you the technique..sorry not the best angle and no soundtrack to this one so whack on the stereo and choose your own!

Please let me know how your own decorating efforts go.

I’ll be adding some finally touches for the final tutorial and some ideas on presentation.

Happy days all!

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