What Do ‘Real’ Bloggers Do all Day?

I mean are they like me..one finger typing their way to a glorious post for six hours only to find said post has mysteriously vanished. How do they manage to blog regularly and not have to lie in a darkened room afterwards muttering to themselves about bringing back quills and ink..

Way back when I first started working as a dentist I remember a discussion with another newly qualified friend regarding how we felt like ‘imposters’..Since we were both impossibly young looking, tiny females who didn’t sport beards (can the same be said of any of those things today, sigh, perhaps not) it also soon became apparent that the patients couldn’t seem to take us very seriously either. The upside was that every time I took a tooth out (which sadly wasn’t that infrequent in Liverpool in the 90s) I’d practically get a standing ovation.

Still my friend and I tried to pass as ‘more grown up’ by buying terrible suits that were so ill fitting they gave David Byrne in ‘Stop Making Sense’ a run for his money and wearing a particularly disgusting shade of plum lipstick because that’s what we thought grown ups did.

Of course after a while we realized that since we actually did know what we were doing everyone else would just have to get over it and of course now I’ve got to that opposite stage in life where I definitely look like a grown up and I’m not actually sure at all about what I’m doing.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again..Technology is my bete noire.I didn’t think it would ‘catch on’ at school hence the very slow evolvement of my blog into getting a bit closer to how I actually would like it to look. So blogging is definitely an area where I feel like I have imposter syndrome and no amount of ill fitting suits or plum lipstick can help me here but like every thing else this year it’s been a great learning curve.

I have a long way to go yet but I am thrilled this month to have some of my wedding cookies featured onĀ AsianBride.me

Happy days all!


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