Kit And Kaboodle..

Before I begin a series of tutorials on D.I.Y iced cookies lets talk about a good starter kit.

If you look at my ‘walk in wardrobe’ of cookie equipment you might be a little fazed by how much ‘essential’ kit there is for cookie decorating…don’t tell Mr Cookie but you can actually make do with a lot less.

You don’t have┬áto have 600 cookie cutters I have shown before even the most basic shapes make great cookies and you can also cut your own bespoke templates.
If you are making cookies with a simple colour scheme of for example two shades you can get by with..
a couple of cookie cutters (I sadly however cannot manage with just a couple..)
icing bags..I like disposable can buy packs of 10s in big supermarkets
food colouring gels..don’t use liquid they are just not intense enough and you will add so much your icing consistency will change.
2-4 outlining tips..size 2 works well for me (2-4 as will depend on number of colours you work with)
2-4 couplers
2-4 squeeze bottles or icing bottles with 2-4 size 4 or 5 decorating tips

Icing bag holders/stands or individual cups/mugs with damp sponge in base of each to stop tip drying out/clogging up

Plenty of time! don’t start a project five minutes before the school run. Really, don’t.
Other ‘would be very useful but don’t sweat it if you don’t have’ are..
lots and lots of space..I know cookie drying racks are supposed to be stackable but it’s not a risk I want to take..
plastic tablecloth to cover your workspace..I know I love mine
sanitary hand wipes/baby wipes..good for messy hands especially when decorating with children!
tweezers..not your eyebrow ones obviously..great for placing add-on decorations such as sugar pearls.
powdered egg white..quite pricey and you usually have to buy a reasonably big pot but better to replace raw egg whites in your icing to avoid problems especially in children and pregnant ladies.
pastry brush..good for brushing extra glitter off cookies (though can you ever really have too much?)..make sure the cookies are dry first!
Of course for work purposes I need an extra fridge and dedicated oven but perhaps you can work your way up to those.I also use a supersize mixer but for small amounts a handmixer will be fine. If you use a melted ingredients method cookie recipe life will be a lot simpler too.
Let me know if you are interested in suppliers/stockists and I will work on getting a post together but e- bay is always a good place to start!Happy days all!

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