The Beatrix Potter Society/The Never Ending Quest..

a.k.a you never stop learning..

A lovely friend in Holland said to me a while ago that (with regard to cookies!) I always seem to get things right.
Well I’d really hate you to think that I’m not prone to disaster error because I am definitely the opposite of ‘Magazine Mum’ who spends most of her time lounging on her pristine white couch being perfect with her equally pristine children.

Although mums are held up constantly as the mistresses of multi-tasking the realities of writing a blog (with only one finger..), endless school runs, cooking what feels like ten different meals for two fickle daughters each day, messing about on Pinterest endlessly, working on the upcoming website and of course baking, icing and photographing a storm of cookies on a regular basis are clearly beyond my capabilities. Often Sometimes things get overlooked. So I was rather annoyed with myself for managing to grab only two rather uninspiring photos of the work I produced recently for The Beatrix Potter Society.

However there is always an’s given me inspiration for a blog post..hurrah!

So here we go..some other stories of cookie close shaves to ‘keep it real’

1.When I was asked to make medal cookies for Theo Paphitis of Dragon’s Den fame..the icing took
longer to dry than usual..Was it the gold lustre?Was it the humidity?Whatever it was, I didn’t like it!
Thankfully I made the deadline regardless..phew..

2.When the bride told me two days before the wedding the guest list had increased by 6..lucky I had
gone so cross-eyed from icing almost 200 cookies so had counted incorrectly and there were just

3.And one more before you start thinking I’m a complete nincompoop ;)..

I could not get egg free icing to took about an hour to pipe even the simplest cookie because
the consistency was so wrong..

So the upshot is old dogs can and need to learn (new tricks) In fact I finally achieved adding the ‘share-it’ gadget to the blog this week. Wowser! if I disappear from the blog again it’s probably because I got headhunted by Google 😉

So remember when you are cookie-ing always allow plenty of time, make a few extras in case of ‘natural disasters’ and please, please let me know if you can work out the whole Royal Icing without egg thing..

Happy days all!

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