Tiger Tiger..

As you can imagine now that I have been up and running for a while the advertisers have been flocking in ;)..

Surprisingly this is not a sponsored post but a little bit of a highlight for my week (just pipping my lovely brother-law visiting and being hit on by a seventy something year old and no they are not one and the same person!)

I managed to sneak in a stop at the amazing Tiger shop..hopefully you have a branch near you (my lovely Swedish friend Ulrika introduced me to it in Copenhagen several years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since)

If you’ve successfully made your cookies if you need want  love pretty things to show off your work.Their website gives you a good idea of their products but unfortunately they don’t trade online.

They have lots of gorgeous stuff that shouldn’t break the bank unless like me you decide you need two three four of everything they have in the shop every time you go in

Here is just a small sliver of a large arsenal of ‘necessities’ I bagged..

bought for an alice in wonderland theme table
perfect to store add ons or sanding sugar in
well do you really need a reason for pretty?
how about cookies in big bowl,frosting in the other or be really greedy and swap round

There were bowls,there were cool notebooks but the piece-de-resistance was these..

plastic toothpicks!..

As regular blog readers will already know I am a bit of a fan, of toothpicks that is.

They are brilliant for pushing icing around when you are flooding an iced cookie but the wooden ones always have a few splintery duds to weed out unless you want to choke your recipient..and I’m sorry to say we had a toothpick licker at the trial workshop ;)..playing with fire..

These are the answer to my prayers (i think..will trial them this morning) but hurry Tiger changes it’s stock around all the time and I may have purchased most of it anyway. R.I.P their lovely little icing bottles they no longer sell..

What great bargains have you found at Tiger lately?..let me know through the comments section..I haven’t had one for so long I’m pretty sure I’m chatting to myself!

Happy and Good Fridays all!

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