I know the title probably reads like a great big fashiony kiss but no, it’s actually the way my amazing Mother-in-law used to sign off cards and emails. As far as I was aware at no point was she a model or an actress or a waitress/whatever but certainly she could be a dark horse sometimes..

Anyway today’s post is about who I am. Before you leave in a trail of panic dust this post is not some sort of self help seminar where I will force you all into a group hug at the end. As my friends will tell you, although I could probably do with some of that, I am far to hectic/uptight to naval gaze.

What I’m talking about today is finding a strapline for what I do. Lots of people ask me where I am going with this (man 😉 ) and somehow saying I love making cookies doesn’t seem to be enough.

I have been reliably informed that the human brain cannot cope with more than three things at the same time..Pah! I say, every mum dreams of only having to juggle seven things let alone three but I understand my convoluted/confused/actually completely infuriating way of having twenty diverging conversations within one is not going to help anyone understand what Eat Cookie, Sleep Cookie is about. When I have been on the other end of people who present their thoughts like me it melts your mind..
So I’ve been tweaking, chunking, making giant charts etc all because the last time I tried to explain what I did the person went away thinking it somehow involved Chinese Fortune Cookies…
Well of course the answer was right in front of cookie form. It’s a given that I only use great ingredients. I don’t hold any interest in turning my luxury product into a transfatathon. I’ve already perfected a soft melting cookie recipe rather than a frigid biscuit because I want it to be scrumdiddlyumpious so all my daily  focus is on design..My last business card said I was a cookie artist and I’ve been feeling uncomfortable with that. Yes I ‘draw on cookies in icing’ but let’s face it I’m not exactly Picasso.
So now I know who am and what I do. I’m a Cookie Designer. This is the best bit of my job and also takes the biggest chunk of time. So hopefully I’ve expressed that well to everyone.

I also recently discovered, by running a workshop, that I probably spend too much time on my own hunched over my cookies or talking to very small children (don’t worry they’re mine) who don’t really listen to what I say or talking to Mr Cookie who is pretty good at pretending to listen to me while working out a dance routine to Chic in his head..

I had such a ball doing the workshop and I felt weirdly proud of everyone’s fantastic designs (once a mum, always a mum..) that I have decided that I’m going to continue running cookie workshops for birthdays, hen parties, baby shower..and just because…alongside the cookie designs I make for corporate and private events.

So I hope you’ll join me..I am building a website as we speak(ish) to hopefully that will lay everything out much more clearly as well.

Thanks again to lovely Kerry, Catherine, Kaye and Susi for letting me show your lovely work..

Ready Steady Ice!
The world’s wrinkliest tablecloth..
I am a list fanatic..they are everywhere in our house!
Stunning isn’t it!
Sorry it’s blurred but look at the lovely technique..
So much creativity going on..
And the final products, brilliant don’t you think!

Happy Easter Sundays all..

and do have a go at decorating cookies and come back and tell me all about it. It’s so fun!


  1. C. Bottomley says:

    Looking good! – CTB

  2. Anonymous says:

    I enjoy reading your blog as much as admiring your gorgeous cookies. You are so talented! Keep going!

    1. Thank you for the lovely encouragement and taking the time to comment,much appreciated 🙂

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