Having it all..

I think just about everyone has worked out by now that there is no such thing as ‘having it all’ but that doesn’t seem to stop pretty much every other woman I know trying to do it all..

I found myself trying to photograph cookies/right up my blog/drop my little one of at nursery/wrap presents..well you get the picture..all before 9 a.m this morning so that I could free up a ‘window’ to have lunch with friends. Where’s the joy in that? Would you be moved to think your friend had gone to bed at 12 and then was up at 5 desperately scrabbling to get jobs done so she could slot you into a ‘window’..No I thought not..you’d be thinking crazy. In fact if I told you that said woman didn’t manage to make that lunch anyway as she had once again overstretched herself to the point of ridiculouslessness and if I told you that actually when she came to think about it ¬†she had managed to meet friends for coffee in the last six months a grand total of once you’d probably think ‘double crazy’..

Then of course half way to the seminar I was booked into I realized I had a plastic green giraffe in my handbag. Ever the professional..thank goodness at least Mr Cookie has the ability to make an amazing cup of coffee to see me through it all.

A couple of times this week I was struck by the sheer relentless ‘battle of the neverending joblist’ my girlfriends were embroiled in. The sad truth being that it was never getting ticked off in this lifetime..

So ladies give yourself a break. Let the mess build up a little…Do cheese on toast for tea..

And enjoy perusing a few cheery owl cookies because every one loves an owl and this is a fun way to use your Easter egg cutter…

I ran a little workshop yesterday and my gorgeous friend Kerry had the great idea of making Easter egg cookies into easter baskets and chicks in their shells..consider your ideas stolen Kerry. I will be posting more on the workshop soon but for now you can sneak over to Facebook to see a few piccies.

Now excuse me while I go deal with my toddler/update my Facebook account/take some photographs..Well you get the picture.

Happy hectic days all!


  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m so honoured you have ‘stolen’ my idea. Obviously yours turned out so much better than mine.
    Kerry R.

  2. Kerry,thanks for all your inspiring ideas/advice..I will be racking your brains again very soon I’m sure!

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