5.Let Them Eat Cake..

A quiet day in the Eat Cookie, Sleep Cookie household probably involves 4 lots of hoovering, batch cooking for the freezer, four school runs and a little cookie design of course.

Somehow there never seems to a chance to read the Sunday papers from start to finish or enjoy a cup of coffee that isn’t lukewarm. Such is life with small children. A joy but mingled with plenty of repition and drudge.

Then out of the blue a grown up treat.

I have been sent a skirt by by Amber at the brilliantly named blog,Twentymumthing

I don’t know what you wear to ice your cookies but after this debacle I certainly don’t ‘do’ fluffy..
So my new skirt ticks all the boxes. It’s leather, therefore wipe clean and oh did I mention it is Dior darling..

So this might well be my new uniform.I’ll certainly be wearing it to run my Easter workshop next Tuesday..

I have unfortunately managed to miss the Lilaloa  Sketch It Challenge. as I only recently discovered the whole community of American Cookie Bloggers which led me to finding the amazing Jill FCS..I have spent the last week trying to work out the what the FCS means..from Faints,Completely Stunned to F***ing Crazy S***..I mean this woman’s work is mindblowing!

I was showing my work to a potential customer and she said ‘You draw, it’s just you do it on cookies..’

Then I went to see the amazing Roy Lichtenstein exhibition at the Tate Modern.

All of which led me to dust down my sketch pad and go back to basics..

So every day this week Schoolie and I have been sitting down and sketching together.

Twentymumthing you are in the process of being cookiefied..watch this space..

Fashion fierce,I’m hoping I’ve nailed the fashion blogger’s pose..

If you do have a 6 year old in your house I strongly suggest stealing all their sketches as cookie designs, as they are genius..

Schoolie’s version..

It’s great to have a six year old sketching companion too so thank you Schoolie!

In fact she sketched Rapunzel for me as I was too lazy to google for images..

So here we have her sister’s birthday cake and cookies combo as number 5 on the photography shake up challenge..

A very simple design.. Rapunzel Kingdom Penant Design..

that I will jazz up later with this castle design..

or the children’s names, I haven’t quite decided yet but I needed to get my post for today organised and there has already been sleet so the chances of a good photograph later are very slim indeed.

Hence purple Rapunzel cake shot against a purple background as that was the only room with a smidgeon of light..

Happy designing/designer days all…

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