The Advent of Advent…

I know it’s only a whisker into advent but now I figure I can happily post some Christmas designs now that our ‘Tree That Taste Forgot’ has gone up..

(This is what happens when you let a two year old decorate it..they play see how many baubles you can fit on one branch..

Back to cookies..

Bauble cookies are fantastic at Christmas…

and if you put holes in your cookies before baking you can hang them from your tree..

And of course don’t forget your glitter..

I’m afraid I will be very busy this month with Christmas orders but I’ll be back in the new year to blog once more and launch my Etsy store.

In the meantime..

and don’t forget to be good because ‘you know who’ is coming to town..

If you are making your own cookies at home, don’t forget that you don’t need ‘Christmassy’ cutters to make festive cookies..these Santas were made using generic cutters..

More or less the same snowman design transposed onto a matroushka cookie shape..(left in photo)..

Or go really, really simple for fun children’s cookies..

Or you can cut out your chosen design with a sharp knife like I did here..

and here..

You really don’t need hundreds of different colours to make a great looking cookie. I’ve loved the combination of red (a Lot of red..)

with white this year..

Gold instead of white ramps up the glamour..

and Christmas is definitely a time for more is more..

Don’t forget to use lovely packaging..this year I fell in love with these..

and used real ribbon on childrens’ crackers for a fun element..

And if you want to skip the whole baking bit and move straight to the fun icing part try out these amazingly easy chocolate houses  from the brilliant redtedart , a website devoted to great crafts to do with your children. We have been making the real deal for the last few years but time constraints meant doing a bit of cheating this Christmas..

Here are the ones we made as a family..

and yes my five year old is already piping her initials in icing¬†and I’m sure you can guess which one our greedy toddler made..

Happy days all.

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