Legs and Co..

Here are the ‘Girls’ night out’ cookies I have been creating this week..

I actually made them for a Girls’ Weekend in Dublin. I ummed and aahed for ages on the specifics of the shoes, colours but in the end I went for bold Christmas red and green (sorry Bloss!) which really made the design pop on the dark base and ivory legs.

‘Schoolie’ watched me place the silver sugar balls on and was surprisingly empathetic..’That looks hard mummy’ but the strange thing is whilst I’m afraid I have very little patience/tolerance for many things in life (just ask my poor family) when it comes to silver sugar balls I am almost Zen

Because this is a fun event these are intended to be cartoony and brash but I think you could make a beautiful, delicate version of this as a bridal gift (white stockings, blue garter) or of course you could ramp it up and throw in glitter and/or leopardprint!

I used glitter on my ‘practice’ cookie..next time I will ‘paint’ the glitter rather than sprinkle.

Unfortunately lustre dust and glitter never really pop in the photos like they do in real life,but trust me, it works!

Thanks to my fabulous, fashionable, fun friends for the amazing weekend, hope you enjoy the cookies.

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