Live it!Love it!

Remember how since I have starting setting up my own business I have suddenly taken to absorbing those annoying little quotes that used to annoy me with all their smuggery and/or relentless thumbsupness.Okay, so I am possibly only a step away from complete naffery but at the moment this lives on my fridge..

The next thing you’ll know I’ll be toting a bumpersticker with ‘my other car’s a porsche’ but in my defense I have a bad cold,a sick toddler and a to-do list that will not be tamed so I need something to keep me upbeat.

Just before I got felled by this unholy trio I made this for a new mummy(who will definitely be needing a sugar rush)..

I put baby’s name on the onesie and thought the no.1 teddy would tie in well but they also look great with time or date of birth or a special personal message.

Into heat sealed bags they go..

and good to go in oodles of pink wrapping..

I’m on a bit of ¬†girlie tip at the moment..I have fairies and kittys to post shortly so you may need to unburn your retina after today’s post in a dim room so you are ready to go for my next one.
Happy days all.


  1. C. Bottomley says:

    These look fantastic – the next time Fatness and me are in town, you should whip up some BCFC cookies in claret & amber. Guess I’m the first to post here – wouldn’t trust everything Picasso says – it’s kind of the same as a space alien trying to convince you that interdimensional space/time transportation is “no big deal.”

  2. Anjum says:

    I’m slightly concerned a middle aged man(though admittedly wearing the bottomley genes of youth very well) has requested BCFC onesie cookies..
    Thank you for posting,good to know at least one person reading my blog so I definitely owe you some cookies.

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