Ford Model T..

Or how you can have any colour as long as it’s black..well so goes the story of Henry Ford’s automobile.

Now I do realise that with two small children I may have got into a slight life rut. Surprises these days do not involve expensive gifts, exciting trips to be whisked away on but perhaps a squashed plum in my handbag or a vital document made into an aeroplane so I am probably happier overall with the thud of a dull even keel.

But this can’t go on! I was roused out of my torpor by a request for egg free cookies.

The egg free recipe was pretty delicious thanks to some help from two lovely ladies who are experts in that particular subject.

Sadly the icing results were not as crisp as the egg white version and it wasn’t possible to create the really strong colours of ‘the real thing’ ..

The yellow icing has egg whites can see the white has blobbed a little and the red background has a slightly faded effect.
Much crisper effect with icing containing egg white..

And did those of you with sharp eyes notice I even played around with the cookie flavour? I tried out gingerbread and then literally ‘went wild’ for a ‘Tiger Came To Tea’ tea party with a gorgeous chocolate base.

And threw in a ‘Tiger Who Came To Tea’ cakes as pictured in the book but with a ‘surprise stripey filling’ (chocolate and orange layers) to be revealed upon slicing…

For an extra kick for adults a bit of espresso in that chocolate cookie mix takes it to the next level. I’ve already tried that and I can guarentee it’s good!

As a final throwing caution to the winds (of change)  I also replicated my Mendhi designs onto cupcakes..

Surely this is all the proof you need that I am not an uptight, icing obsessed fusspot ;).

Happy days all..

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