The Disappearing Blog..

It can’t just be me, right. You know that thing where something is constantly, men, cookies (okay some rather hopeless examples) you end up going right off the idea.
Well I’ve been enjoying the fabulous weather this week forcing myself to dash off a few lines off to keep you abreast of my baking but what I really wanted to do was cook myself in the sun.
Of course yesterday when I really  had something to say my blog refused to let me log in. It was playing hard to get and I was hooked, lined and sinkered getting myself all hot and bothered over it.

Funnily enough it coincided with another moment of  ‘ it’s more appealing when it’s gone’ with my schoolie daughter being away at a friend’s after school and I had that golden ticket of not needing to pick her up till 6.

So what did I do? Did I rejoice in the holiday for my ears from the chatter of a five year old? Did I enjoy not having to repeat a simple request 10 times in rapidly escalating volume? Did I heck, I suddenly wanted to hang out with her. Her favourite colour is green so I created this for her return…

The background of the cookie is mint green which might not be that apparent from the photo.The icing was leftovers..a couple of days it was not keen to do my bidding (royal icing is  all about the consistency and to get that right it needs to be used fresh on the day it’s made though it will taste perfectly fine even after a week in the fridge)

I’m really enjoyed making Baboushka so I am going to big make a plate of multi coloured ones very soon.I’m afraid I often plan out my cookies in my head but go off at alarming tangents once the icing bag is in my hand but I am thrilled I plumped for polko dots though I’ll use fresh icing next time for a neater finish.


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