Team Player…

The Paralympics have been in full swing so everyone has been in a sporty frame of mind. I know we’ve had a conversation somewhere along the line about my lack of sporting prowess. If truth be told I fall into Category Puny and the most likely champion I could become would be tiddlywinks. And I’d obviously have to cheat furiously to manage that.

However an almost funny thing happened to me a few years ago. I went to a wedding, had one too many Pimms and managed to be persuaded by a women who was probably the weight of the entire Eat Cookie, Sleep Cookie family combined (pure muscle I might add, in case she’s reading my blog) to join the local women’s rugby team.

This people, is what is known as the perils of alchohol. Beware of then waking up the next morning remembering exactly¬†what you’ve done and having to fake a ‘wedding dancing sprain’ to enable you to back out of the done deal.

I make sure the closest I get to rugby these days is as a cookie theme so here is a comission I did back in July..

Remember don’t drink and play rugby!


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