Mother and Sleeping Baby..

Notice how all the mums are smiling..wouldn’t you with babies that sleep!

I made these a while back and forgot to post about them. They proved very popular as everyone loves babushkas and everyone definitely loves sleeping babies. I love them so much that these ones made it onto one of my business card designs..

Recently I made a slightly different version. I kept to similar colours but added polka dots and fair features instead of dark. Still endlessly cute though. Just like the new mum I made them for and her little one…

I also piped the date of birth, name and weight on a couple of the cookies which would be nice to frame and keep though you could always break the glass in an emergency!

Happy days all..

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Framing them would have been a nice idea, but I … er … ate them. Yum. Sorry. I promise I will next time… [typing hopefully (-; ]

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