Home Sweet Home..

after a wonderful fortnight in Vermont..

Arriving to find my lovely brother-in-law had made cookies for us...

Idyllic days of blueberry picking..

And fishing off the dock (with varying success!)..

Channelling our inner Huck Finns..
Eating muffins as big as our heads..

I had to photograph this..

The basement bar is called ‘The Other Woman!

Some country living..

City girl meets tractor pull
A beautiful sight..seeing maple syrup being graded..

And of course a little bit of holiday shopping at the renowned Northshire Bookstore .

Still it’s good to be home..

These cuties could also work well as a housewarming gift . I did my own take on the white picket fence after I saw a lovely one round the corner from schoolie’s swim class a few months ago. Cue shouts of ‘What are you doing mummy?’ as I very unsubtly tried to take a picture for reference. So apologies if that was your fence but it really is rather nice.

Happy days all!

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