Dirty Little Secrets..

In a twist of fate I had to do a sporty order this week (totally unrelated to the Olympics) and now that there are a mere 2 sleeps left till we leave for the States for the rest of the month, there has been a lot to fit in..

My dirty little secret to ‘fitting it all in’ is that I ¬†wake up very very early to work.

I got up at half 3 in the morning a couple of days ago to make these so as to be sure that they would be completely dry before packaging up for the customer.

Here is a picture of the work in progress (still ridiculously early but a smidgeon of natural light)

I ¬†have to confess that if you cut me I bleed coffee but thankfully my ‘special talent’ is rock steady hands.

I’m afraid I’ll have to keep the end results secret until after the customer receives it!

Happy days all!

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